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Anyone who fancies giving belly dancing a go, I can thoroughly recommend either Ali’s regular classes or, if you’re a little nervous, having a private lesson. It’s great fun as well as being a good workout, with cardio and toning benefits. “.   Jo, Rickinghall.

Welcome to Bellycise!   My name is Alison and I have been belly dancing for over 20 years and teaching for over 15 years. I embrace all styles of belly dance and also enjoy fusing it with bollywood, latin, cabaret, ballet – I love all dance.  In addition I have been a practicioner of yoga for over 20 years, and recently have started to absorb Qi gong into my teachings too.  All that I know and learn is expressed in my classes.

My contact details:  mail@bellycise.com

or  07902 081607

Bellycise is about exercise through Belly Dance, Bollywood and Cabaret techniques. Classes are open to beginners and experienced belly dancers alike. The emphasis is on fun and being natural. Come simply for fitness or come to learn a wonderful new skill that you can perfect through workshops and performance opportunities.

Why try belly dancing?

* Any woman of any shape, size or fitness level can achieve great results

What makes bellydance such a good workout is that it uses all parts of the body; from hands,to waist, spine, thighs and arms.

* It also helps develop and tone the pelvic floor muscles which is of great importance to all women.
* And of course it is sensual, sexy and great fun. No matter what size or shape you are it is a dance made for all women.


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