One off workshops for all levels to attend                         Booking Essential!

contact Alison at : or tel: 07902 081607

All workshops £10


Stowmarket: at Stowmarket Community Centre, Hillside, Stowmarket, IP14 2BD

Workshop Dates 2019

August 24th ‘Belly Yoga for Core’ : warming up your core muscles with some delicious yoga followed by some focused belly dance moves

August 31 ‘The art of graceful arms’ .  A workshop to focus on the importance of arms to create form and grace to a dance.

September 7th ‘Rock the Casbah’ a Bellycise treatment of the The Clash’s classic song.

September 21st ‘Romany Skirt’ a passionate, stomping gypsy dance with full skirt. Bring a very full skirt if you have one, I may have a few to lend.

October 5th ‘Slow and Sensual’ a challenging but delicious, curvaceous routine that explores the sensual side of belly dance.

October 19th ‘Algerian Rai’ belly dance to this popular, underground style of music

November 2nd ‘Burlesque – with gloves’ another chance to tease – with gloves! Bring along some long, silky evening gloves for some flirtatious fun.

November 9th ‘Tribal Fusion’ explore a different way of using space and movement with this controlled but lovely fusion form of belly dance.

December 7th ‘Shaken, not Stirred’ Festive fun, belly dancing to a James Bond theme song.