One off workshops for all levels to attend                         Booking Essential!

contact Alison at : or tel: 01379 678176

All workshops £10


Stowmarket: at Stowmarket Community Centre, Hillside, Stowmarket, IP14 2BD

Workshop Dates 2019

2nd February ‘Heavily accented’ :  a routine that uses strong accent moves. Great for core and buttock control!

16th February ‘Graceful flow’ : a challenging but gorgeous routine that focuses on fluid, slow movements.

March 2nd Awesome Isolations’ :  an intense study of how to move hips, chest and stomach in isolation and in combined isolations. An amazing way to tone the core!

March 16th  ‘Bollywood Scarf’:  a fun bollywood routine using a chiffon or silk scarfs as props. If you have a long, wide scarf then please bring it along, though I will have some to lend.

April 6th ‘Kind to Spine’ : beginning with some yoga for the spine, followed by some lovely spine-strengthening belly dance.

April 13th ‘Cafe Belly Dance’ :  a light-hearted look at how to belly dance in a cafe or restaurant situation.  

May 4th ‘ Top of the Pops’ :  Belly popping to Arabic  pop ; lots of stomach work!

May 18th ‘Bhangra!’ A lively routine using bhangra moves. A great calorie burner.

June 8th ‘ Caning It’  A chance to create mayhem with the traditional Egyptian cane – with a Bellycise twist.

June 22nd ‘ Belly Flamenco!’ A fusion of belly dance with flamenco influences. Ole!

July 6th  ‘ Reflections’  Using the art of belly dance isolations to mirror hip moves to torso moves.

July 20th ‘ Summer Fun’: getting into the spirit of summer with a sizzling routine.