Successful Ways to Fund Raise for Charities

One of the most crucial elements to a successful fund raising event is forward planning and advertising. You could have a great event with lots of interesting things in it but without advertising the event well in advance and making use of all publicity available to you, your event could well be a failure. Free advertising include strategically placed advertising boards and posters, free listings in local papers and radio and via the charities website.

These following fund raising ideas are not original but tried and tested and proven to work:

Sponsored events

Doing a sponsored walk, dance- a- thon, mountain climb, parachute jump… it doesnt matter what you choose, these sponsored events are a great way of getting a guaranteed amount of money before you even do the event. Its also a great way to raise the profile of the charity you are fund raising for, especially if you get some kind of media coverage, and the more in advance you start the more people can be asked to sponsor you.

The main disadvantage of sponsored events is that you are asking friends, family and acquaintances for money so you can only run these sponsored events 2 or 3 times maximum a year.

Car Boot/ Jumble sales

Incredibly popular events even after all this time: who can resist the chance to get rid of clutter in the loft/garage or to pick up a bargain. Income comes through what you charge per pitch and any refreshments you sell, plus having your own pitch selling donated items, cakes etc. If you can get some commercial businesses to have a pitch ie bouncy castle, burger van, local businesses selling their wares you can charge twice as much for a pitch. Also dont leave it to chance that people will book a pitch, actively contact local groups who might want to have a stall, for example local womens groups , gardening clubs, other charities, childrens’ groups.

The main disadvantage of organising a car boot sale is that you may well clash with another similar event as they are so popular, and rainy weather can affect success. In order to avoid these pitfalls make sure your event has a building so people can have table tops indoors aswell and check local papers and listings so you can avoid clashing with other nearby events if possible.

An alternative is to simply have a pitch at a popular car boot event and try and get as many donated items as possible. This is also an opportunity to advertise your charity.


An auction is a more successful version of a raffle. The limitation of a raffle is that you are restricted to the number of people at the event who can buy a ticket so no matter how great the prizes are your potential profit is capped. So instead arrange an auction ( could be as part of another event such as a dinner dance or show) with the best prizes you can get local businesses to donate ( gym pass, free meals, free entry to local attractions, beauty treatments, theatre tickets etc) .

Firstly at the auction make sure alcohol is available! You need people to feel relaxed and generous. You also need a charismatic compere to joke and tease the audience into starting the bidding. Also let people know the value of the gifts and start at a reasonably low price so the audience are aware of a what a bargain they are getting.

Once the first couple of lots have gone I have witnessed the rest of the evening go with a swing and the end result is that those who have won their lots feel doubly pleased both with the lot they have won and the knowledge that the proceeds go to charity. And all the auctions I have witnessed have raised £1000 or more rather than the £100 or so a raffle could raise.

Talent Show

Whatever your group or charity an nice and popular event is a talent show or dance show, which is also a good winter event being indoors.

The best way to make the evening( or matinee) a success is to get as many local dance /theatre/music groups involved as possible. All performance schools and groups need occasions to perform at, and everyone is happy to dance for charity. The schools and groups get to advertise themselves and have a performance platform, all you need do is find a suitable venue. If you can apply for a grant, get a local business to sponsor you or can fund raise the costs of venue, hire/publicity and tickets then all the profit can go directly to your charity.

The reason the show is always a success is that the family and friends of the performers like to come to the show, and if you can persuade children’s groups to get involved the grandparents and other relations love to watch their little relatives shine on stage. So if you can get at least 50 performers involved, each performer has at least 2 or 3 relatives/friends come to see them ( often more) so you already have 100 -150 in the audience already.

Welcome to Bellycise


Anyone who fancies giving belly dancing a go, I can thoroughly recommend either Ali’s regular classes or, if you’re a little nervous, having a private lesson. It’s great fun as well as being a good workout, with cardio and toning benefits. “.   Jo, Rickinghall.

Welcome to Bellycise!   My name is Alison and I have been belly dancing for over 20 years and teaching for over 15 years. I embrace all styles of belly dance and also enjoy fusing it with bollywood, latin, cabaret, ballet – I love all dance.  In addition I have been a practicioner of yoga for over 20 years, and recently have started to absorb Qi gong into my teachings too.  All that I know and learn is expressed in my classes.

My contact details:

or  07902 081607

Bellycise is about exercise through Belly Dance, Bollywood and Cabaret techniques. Classes are open to beginners and experienced belly dancers alike. The emphasis is on fun and being natural. Come simply for fitness or come to learn a wonderful new skill that you can perfect through workshops and performance opportunities.

Why try belly dancing?

* Any woman of any shape, size or fitness level can achieve great results

What makes bellydance such a good workout is that it uses all parts of the body; from hands,to waist, spine, thighs and arms.

* It also helps develop and tone the pelvic floor muscles which is of great importance to all women.
* And of course it is sensual, sexy and great fun. No matter what size or shape you are it is a dance made for all women.


Health Benefits of Belly Dancing


Fantastic muscle tone including muscles you didnt know you had. Strong core muscles ie your back, stomach, waist and pelvic floor. Increased flexibility. These are three very good reasons to consider belly dance as a healthy form of exercise. And there are so many more reasons too.

Of course like most kinds of dance you use every part of the body so it tones you and burns calories. So if you have some areas of your body that need work on, and are considering dance, try belly dance! It is especially beneficial for women as the whole dance has been developed around the female form and so every sensual move will tone all those difficult and complex muscles that the gym cannot.

Core Muscles

Belly dance is based around the core muscles and so is beneficial not just for the stomach area , waist and pelvic floor but also your back. I have heard from both physiotherapists and chiropractors that they encourage patients with many back conditions to try belly dance. Of course if you do have some back problems you do need to seek medical advice before trying out belly dance.

The joy of belly dancing is that because it is made for the female body many moves are instinctive and to a certain level all women are great belly dancers, we are naturally good at it. Because so many moves involve hips you fine tune muscles around the waist , stomach and back in ways you never believed possible. It will also encourage better posture which in turn will prevent back problems.

Low Impact

Another advantage belly dance has over some other dance forms is that it is unusually low impact. Rather than using lots of steps and moving your feet a lot, it is actually about moving different parts of the body instead, isolating your hips, ribcage, stomach, arms and hands. You could even belly dance on the spot! Of course if you are able to add travelling moves you will burn more calories, but if that is not your concern you could quite comfortably belly dance in a small front room or single spot on the dance floor.

Mental Health Benefits

The wonderful thing about any dance form is that you work with music. And dancing to music that you love is one of the most uplifting and energising ways of de-stressing. You may think: ‘but Im not sure that I even like ‘belly dance music’ , but that is not an issue as you can pretty much belly dance to any kind of music: if its music you love then you will be able to dance your best.

However its not just the simple joy of music that makes you feel good, its the sharing it with other women that can be very healing to some ladies. I know the classes that I teach have helped women with all kinds of grief to deal with simply because its a chance to let go in a sympathetic and happy environment.

The other main mental health benefit is that it is great for your self esteem. You learn to relish all your wobbly bits – or lack of – and realise just how great a dancer you can be. You basically get in touch with your feminine core .

So why not find the nearest class to you and have a go?